Artist's Statement
Oils Etc.
I grew up in the lake country of central Wisconsin. For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to the beauty of wild areas not only near my home, but also in my travels.

Since establishing myself as a professional artist in 1982, my creative direction in painting has been primarily in depicting the natural landscape. Recently I have been devoting my energy specifically towards wilderness landscape. As my method has matured over the years, I have progressed from an emphasis on details, quiet color, and atmospheric effects to an Expressionistic use of vibrant color and energetic brushwork.

I enjoy the challenge of utilizing unlikely color, gestural line and texture. This is especially true when I am looking into a micro-environment such as the interior of a flower or the visual space between natural objects. It's my hope for the viewer to simply enjoy the colors, lines and textures without needing to think too much about what I may have been intending, since for me, it's all about our individual responses.

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